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How to: Approve a Purchase Order

How to: Approve a Purchase Order

How to: Approve and Commit a Purchase Order


How to: Approve a Purchase Order


Step 1: Under Accounts Payable, click PURCHASE ORDERS.


Step 2: Click on the Review button or the number of the purchase order you would like to approve.


Step 3: Click APPROVE if the purchase order is correct or REJECT to send it back to the previous approver to make necessary changes.


NOTE: If the purchase order is rejected, a window will open. You will have to enter a reason for rejecting, which can be viewed by the employee. 


Step 4: Sign in the window that appears by holding the left mouse button if you are signing on a desktop computer or by using your finger if on a mobile device.  

NOTE: Your signature will be saved for future approvals after you have completed this step once.


NOTE: The accountant can make any changes necessary prior to committing the purchase order after it's been completely approved by clicking on the PO #, making edits, then clicking SAVE.

Approve and Commit Option

If you have the permissions to commit a PO and are the final approver, you can approve and commit with one step.

NOTE: PO must not have any placeholder information


After following Step 1 from above, Click APPROVE AND COMMIT from the Actions drop down to the left of the PO pending your approval.



Or, click on the PO # then click APPROVE AND COMMIT on the footer.