Deployment v85.0 11/07/2022

New Features

e-Signature Events Logging (Phase 3).
We've added the 'Approval Flow Completed' event to the log and now save a hashed PDF of the completed document in S3. This results in better performance when viewing these signed documents, and allows for internal auditing when required by the security and legal departments.

Grid of Timecard Days
The Timecards page can now be used to view days worked across employees. This new page makes it easy to review daily times submitted by employees. Rows can be grouped by date, department, position, and much more.

Default Employee Position Coding
A brand new coding system has been added to Digital Start Forms and the Employee Positions grid. Default codes can be specified for multiple expense and fringe types. These defaults populate Digital Timecards and the Accounting Import, allowing payroll to be fully coded with minimal input as payroll is processed.

Set Codes are now named Sub Accounts.
Throughout the application all the previously named 'Set' fields are now named 'Sub Account'.

MFA Security Check
To enforce the security of the platform, we added a step where a user must authenticate with MFA to save their
significant and data-sensitive changes; these changes or updates will be notified via email once those have been made.

Improved the Vendors feature. A series of architecture enhancements to improve the Vendor feature when updating the Project Vendor's information with the Company Info. Fixed error in the Vendor form. There was an error causing the Default Tax Credit Code to disappear after Submitting the Vendor form.

Fixed error showing Employees in the Vendors Company tab. Only Company Vendors are displayed in the Company tab.

Added a validation to avoid transactions with a Vendor mismatch. A validation was added to stop users from Submitting a Transaction if the Transaction's Vendor is different from the attached Purchase Order's Vendor.

Improved the pasting process for templates. Fixed an error that was causing the Bills, Journal Entries and Petty Cash templates to start on row #5. Fixed the 'Browse PO Items' Action. The 'Browse PO Items' Action inside the Cost Report and the Chart of Accounts is now going to display all the Purchase Orders associated with the selected Account.

Added a new functionality to Cc' a Company Email address when emailing the Vendor Payment File confirmation. With this new functionality a selected Company Email will also receive the payment confirmation emails that are sent to the Vendors.

Added 'All' as a Currency option inside Manage Code Types.
This functionality was available only in GSA previously, it is especially beneficial for multi currency projects that want to use their Codes with any Currency.

Improved the dropdown Actions in Manage Code Types.
The 'Make Default Code' Action is now called 'Apply to Uncoded Transactions' and a new 'Set as Default Code for Expense Accounts' Action was added.

Added an Import ID to PEX Transactions in the Import Storage.
This unique identifier will only be visible in the database and it will improve the PEX process by identifying transactions when needed. Added validations to stop users from voiding Transactions in a Pending Bill Payment. This could cause errors in the Bill Payment.

Improved Check Requests.
All the Actions associated with a Check Request will be labeled properly, previously some Actions had labels for Bills. Fixed an issue with the Check_Copies_Downloads Feature Flag.
This Feature Flag can now be added at a project level.

Fixed an issue with the labels in the Prepaid Card Business feature.
The 'Last Import' and 'API Import Start Date' were labeled incorrectly. Improved the Total in the transactions' Summary panel. In order to avoid Total mismatches between the Summary and the Details grid, the Total in the Summary grid now updates automatically after adding an Import Storage or a Purchase Order in the Details grid.

Improved the success banner after submitting a Transaction or a Purchase Order.
The transaction number was added to the success banner after submitting a Transaction or a Purchase Order.

Fixed error in the Incentives and Tax Credit grids.
There was an error causing duplicate lines every day in the Incentives and Tax Credits grid.
Improved the reports generated in Accounting Reports. Now the PDF from the report shows the user's local time, instead of EST.

Improved the Account Codes panel inside Project Settings.
The options that can be selected from Manage Code Types were removed from this panel in order to avoid confusion. As part of the improvements, the panel was relabeled to ‘Accounting Settings’.

Fixed error in the Set Code column in Import Storage.
There was an error causing the Set Code column not to save properly after editing the Import Storage grid.

Improved the 1099 Reports inside Accounting Reports.
Added a Company Codes filter to the 1099 Reports.

Payroll & Production
Added a banner to draw attention to Notes on the Digital Timecard.
If a Digital Timecard contains notes, it can be difficult to notice those below the fold of the page. This banner draws attention to both public and administrative notes.

Updated File Upload requirements for Custom Forms to only apply to Document Owners.
This update makes the validation for file uploads set as required on Custom Forms only applicable to employees.

Improved the Digital Start Work Wizard.
The Digital Start Work Wizard no longer redirects users to optional Custom Forms after approving a required form.

Fixed a bug affecting the Guarantee Hours type on the Start Form.
The Guaranteed Hours Type now remains on 'Per Week' instead of reverting to 'Per Day' after submission in specific scenarios.

Fixed a bug affecting the Custom Forms Division filter.
Fixed a niche Custom Form issue caused by adding users to or removing users from divisions.

Retired the Project Batches page and added a permission to control its visibility.
Batches are now only accessible via the All Batches pages. Although Project Batches will no longer be maintained, the newly added permission can be added to restore a user's access to that page.

Updated the Completion of Guarantee logic.
The Completion of Guarantee Project Setting now only affects Union positions. Non-Union Timecards no longer generate a Completion of Guarantee other earnings.

Updated the Pay History grid to show Loan Out Employees.
Fixed a bug preventing Loan Out Employees from showing on the GSW Pay History page.

Overtime Rates are now properly added on 'Copy to Core'.
Overtime Range fields are now set with the correct overtime rates when a position is created in Core from a Digital Start Form.

Performance & Stability
Removed the feature flags and old code for General Ledger Bulk Edit and the Void Refactor.
We removed the feature flag from the code for the old implementation of the General Ledger Bulk Edit, This is just for code clean-up and maintainability purposes.

Implemented security enhancements for Disney - These are enhancements to improve the security of our app. 

As part of this release, we’ve updated the version for jQuery, applied sandboxing on iFrames and disabled weakciphers.

Systems & Security
'Transaction.Bill.Access.All' permission is now working correctly.
When a user had the 'Transaction.Bill.Access.All' permission, the transactions were not showing in the grid.

Changed the red informative triangle to the top right.
The red triangle was displayed at the upper left corner of the cell, and as a global convention that red triangle should be in the right. So now, we are following the corresponding convention.

Fixed a bug which caused validations to move adjacent text fields.
The error messages moved the ‘Advance Amount’ and ‘Reimburse by’ fields.

Fixed the cut ‘Name’ error message in Vendor -> Company tab -> Add to project.
The limit of characters alert was cut, so the user was not able to see the full message.

Added validations to the File Uploader to prevent users from uploading corrupt images.
We were not preventing users from uploading corrupt or unsupported image formats.