How To: Set Up Direct Deposit Payments

Step 1: Log in at

Step 2: Click MY PAYMENT SETTINGS on the left navigation.

2020-08-22 19_13_30-https___demo.gslate.com_#_paymethods_edit_-1


2020-08-26 16_36_25-My Payment Settings

Step 4: Click LINK ACCOUNT.

2020-08-22 19_12_55-Production Only Start of Work Papers.xlsx  -  Protected View - Excel

Step 5: Click CONTINUE.

2020-08-22 19_11_54-https___demo.gslate.com_#_paymethods_edit_-1

Step 6: Select your bank.

2020-08-22 19_12_26-https___demo.gslate.com_#_paymethods_edit_-1

Step 7: Enter your user ID and password for your bank and click SUBMIT.

2020-08-22 19_11_18-https___demo.gslate.com_#_paymethods_edit_-1

Step 8: Click on an account and click CONTINUE.

2020-08-26 16_38_15-https___demo.gslate.com_#_paymethods_edit_-1

Step 9: Nickname the account and check the authorization box. Click CREATE on the bottom right.

2020-08-26 16_41_03-2020_08_26_16_39_09_https_demo.gslate.com_paymethods_edit_1.png - Paint

Repeat Steps 4 through 9 to add an additional account. From the Actions drop down menu next to the account, you can edit or delete as needed.

2020-08-26 16_43_00-My Payment Settings

If your bank is not an option, you can manually enter your information after clicking LINK ACCOUNT and filling out all required fields.

2020-12-14 16_35_10-Edit Payment Method

Step 10: Select an option for the Send Payment Via drop down menu.

NOTE: This will apply to all projects you have payroll processed for.

2020-08-26 16_45_53-My Payment Settings

Step 11: If you would like to split your payments select a direct deposit account then check the box for Use Multiple Payment Methods otherwise skip to Step 13.

2020-08-26 16_47_22-My Payment Settings

Step 12: Enter the amount to send to the first account. You can select a percentage or a dollar amount.  Select where you would like the remainder sent (another direct deposit account or check).

2020-08-26 16_50_05-My Payment Settings

Step 13: Click SAVE.

2020-11-18 09_28_34-Inbox - - Outlook

You can update your payment settings at any time and they will go into effect on your next payment that is processed.


To Delete an Account

Step 1: Click DELETE from the Actions drop down menu to the left of the account you would like to delete.

2022-03-29 11_57_44-My Payment Settings

Step 2: Add a new account if needed and update the Payroll Payment Setting as needed to reflect the correct payment method.

2022-03-29 12_00_41-My Payment Settings

Step 3: Click SAVE.