How to: Set Up Bank Account for ACH

Bank Accounts may be setup for ACH Payments when banking with BoA, City National Bank, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo.

Step 1: Click BANK ACCOUNTS on the left navigation.

2021-01-12 16_02_14-Dashboard

Step 2: Click EDIT from the Actions drop down menu next to the account you would like to set up or click ADD ACCOUNT if the account does not exist yet.

2021-01-12 16_08_24-Bank Accounts

Step 3: Select the bank account from the drop down menu. 

2022-02-10 17_48_02-Bank Info

Step 4: Check the Payment File box to enable and complete all required fields.

2022-02-10 17_49_21-Bank InfoStep 5: Enter the Company Name.

2021-01-12 16_07_29-Bank Info

Step 6: Click SAVE.

2021-01-12 16_09_15-Inbox - - Outlook

If your project uses Bank of America or City National Bank EASI Link, please contact You must sign a waiver before we can setup Auto-Send ACH Payments. 

If your bank requests a Sample File, enter a $1 invoice for a vendor and complete the Bill Payment. Send this file to the bank.