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How to: On Call & Premium OT Rates

Most employees are paid as Exempt(Daily/Weekly) or Non-Exempt (Hourly), however, some union contracts allow overtime to follow rules that mix those two concepts. We call these overtime types “On Call” and “Premium OT”.

Start Form

Making an Offer

To create an On Call or Premium OT start form, the Union selected on the start form must allow for these overtime types.

If you do not see the On Call or Premium OT option in the overtime type dropdown of the Start Form and believe these options should be available, please contact support.

Select Premium OT from the Overtime Type drop down menu in the Pay Rate section.  The four OT fields below will appear in the section once selected.

2022-08-26 17_17_46-Special Overtime - Support Article materials - Google Docs

  • At least one rate of overtime must be provided in order to submit the start form.
  • The rates provided will be used when grossing a timecard using this start form.
  • It is possible to input a rate of “0”. This can be useful when creating a Start Form for a DGA Assistant Director (see Start Form examples at the bottom of this article).

Although the rates of overtime provided on the start form are used when grossing a digital timecard, the overtime schedule is controlled by the Hours to Gross engine. HTG will return x1.5, x2, x2.5 and 3x hours based on the specific contract in use. From there, the user grossing the timecard can make manual adjustments.

If the rate type "Per Hour" is selected, two rows with 4 fields each will populate in the Pay Rate section.

2022-08-26 17_31_22-Special Overtime - Support Article materials - Google Docs

The first row of fields is for the overtime rates (as explained above).

The second row of fields allows for the customization of the hourly rate by specifying the pay hours for that rate. The values in those fields are only used for that purpose and do not affect Timecard grossing in any way.


Submitting Hours

Depending on the Employee’s Overtime Type, a user may be required to submit hours for a day marked as worked:

Multi-Position Timecards are not supported for On Call and Premium OT.


Daily On Call and Premium OT employees are treated very similarly to Hourly employees.

Weekly On Call and Premium OT Timecards do not have a x1 hours column or any multipliers above 3x.

Each worked day will count against the weekly base rate, however, a split day will only calculate overtime.

You can check the “Calculate Overtime Only” option to ignore the employee’s base rate.

You can edit the “$ Day Total” column at any time to adjust the amount, however, the “Totals” panel of the Timecard may no longer show an accurate breakdown from that point on. We recommend editing the overtime breakdown columns instead.



Start Form Examples


Teamster 817 Co-Captain

The employee is Overtime Exempt until they have worked 64 hours. Past that threshold, they earn $111.46 per hour until 70h. After that, they earn $139.33 per hour.

As mentioned in the Start Form section of this article, the overtime schedule is not provided on the Start Form but dictated by the Hours to Gross engine.

2022-08-26 17_40_12-Special Overtime - Support Article materials - Google Docs

DGA Assistant Director

The employee is Overtime Exempt but can receive the “extended day” bump. Setting the employee as Premium OT with an overtime rate of “0” triggers the requirement to submit hours (In/Wrap) on the Digital Timecard but doesn’t impact grossing.

2022-08-26 17_41_03-Special Overtime - Support Article materials - Google Docs