How to: Make Budget Changes

Step 1: Click COST REPORT on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 15_13_15-Chart of Accounts Mapping

Step 2: Enter an Effective Date.

2021-05-09 15_15_20-GreenSlate Departments_Positions List.xlsx - Excel

Step 3: Click MODIFY BUDGET.

2021-05-09 15_16_28-Cost Report

Step 4: Make your changes in the Budget column.

2021-05-09 15_17_33-Cost Report

Step 5: Highlight a line(s) and click UNDO CHANGES to revert certain budget lines back or click CANCEL to revert all changes.

2021-05-09 15_18_51-Cost Report

Step 6: Click SUBMIT to save changes.

2021-05-09 15_19_47-Cost Report

Step 7: Click CONFIRM.

2021-05-09 15_20_30-Cost Report

Modify Budget will not be an option once a period has been closed.  If a period is closed, budget changes can only be made by editing the cost report worksheet. The budget and EFC will both need to be updated and variances will be created.