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How to: Link a PO to Transaction

Step 1: Click GENERAL LEDGER on the left navigation.

2021-05-09 14_46_19-General Ledger

Step 2: Click on the transaction you would like to link the PO to.

2021-05-09 20_19_21-General Ledger

Step 3: Click EDIT.

2021-05-09 20_19_56-Bill 864

Step 4: Click LINK PO from the Actions drop down menu.

2021-05-09 20_20_39-Bill 864

Step 5: Select the PO and click ADD.

2021-05-09 20_21_30-Bill 864

Step 6: The PO will show in the PO No. column for the detail line. Click SAVE.

2021-05-09 20_22_17-Template (12).csv - Excel