How to: Incentives Dashboard

Step 1: Click INCENTIVES on the left navigation. 

2021-06-20 16_10_27-Dashboard

Step 2: Click EDIT from the Actions drop down menu to the left of the Incentive you would like to update.

2021-06-20 16_11_16-GreenSlate Accounting v65.0.0   LONE STAR BULL  - Period (1) - __Remote

Step 3: Edit the Summary panel as needed and complete all required fields.

2021-06-20 16_14_54-Edit Incentive

GreenSlate will add the incentive for the work location(s) for your project by default.  The Budget amount and Projected Qualified Spend can be updated as needed.  

Step 4: Update the status of steps when applicable throughout production to track the status of your tax return.  Click ADD STEP to add an additional step other than the ones provided by default.

2021-06-20 16_17_33-Edit Incentive

Step 5: Click SAVE to save changes.

2021-06-20 16_19_06-GreenSlate Accounting v65.0.0   LONE STAR BULL  - Period (1) - __Remote

Step 6: Use the custom grid views to get a quick snapshot of your project(s) status in completing your tax return.  Grids can also be exported to PDF and excel by clicking EXPORT.

2021-06-20 16_20_10-GreenSlate Accounting v65.0.0   LONE STAR BULL  - Period (1) - __Remote

Step 7: To use the tax credit summary window and update the tax credit coding for expenses, follow the steps linked here.