Deployment v94.0 09/18/2023

Release Highlights:


  • Digital Timecard - Added useful indicators on Total Hours and MPV Amounts. - A "red corner" is now displayed in a cell when a user has modified the Total Hours or Meal Penalty amounts. This allows Hours approvers to see at a glance when an employee has modified the default calculated values.
  • A New warning has been to help the user to track expired I-9 forms. New warning has been to help the user to track expired I-9 forms to provide clients a proactive resource to keep I-9s updated. 
  • Bills/Journal Entries Refactor - This update will enhance the user's experience by allowing them to submit bills and journal entries with significantly increased capacity of up to 2,000 detail lines. Prior to this enhancement, the limit was set at 200 lines. Additionally, we have made significant improvements to the overall performance of the bill and journal entry modules. The refactors add stability enhancements throughout the entire process. 
  • Keyboard Navigation - We’ve added enhancements to our start work navigation experience. Users can now navigate through all the form fields using only their keyboard

Accounting Updates

  • Bill Payments - Required codes error was not allowing users to submit the Bill Payment. This error was fixed and users can now successfully save the bill payment.

Payroll Updates

  • Digital Timecard - We’ve added validation to prevent division errors on multi-project timecard splits. A validation error has been added to prevent splitting a timecard across multiple projects when the timecard's payee or the approver is missing division access in the destination project.

  • Check Details - New logic has been added for continuation of pages, to promote a more organized, improved report format. Additionally, we’ve added enhancements to the Check Details and Payroll Preview to create more pages for the PDFs if the lines are too many to be displayed on a single page.

  • An enhancement has been made to prevent start work admins from approving their own start work. An approval enhancement has been made to prevent document owners from also being the start work approver. The restriction may be applied to Custom form and Start Form approval flows. 

  • Fixed a bug preventing coding defaults from being applied. An issue preventing coding defaults from being applied when the Default Employee Position Coding and the Timecard Front End Refactor are enabled has been fixed. 

  • Fixed a validation issue when approving Timecards from the grid. Timecards that only contain Other Earnings can now be approved from the Timecards grid without triggering a missing Work Location error. 

  • Resolved issues preventing "Copy From" to be used after splitting a day. Users can now use the "Copy From" functionality even after splitting a Timecard day. 

  • Resolved issues preventing users from accessing timecard PDFs from the Timecards Daily grid. Viewing or Downloading a Timecard's PDF from the Timecards Daily grid is now possible. 

  • Added validation for Grossing Timecards with a write-in Work Location when approving from the grid. Proper validation has been added when approving Timecards from the grid. If a Grossing Timecard contains a "write-in" Work Location, an error will prevent the user from approving it without first selecting a Work Location that has been set up for the Project. 

  • Resolved issues affecting the Timecard's Codes panel when approving from the grid. Approving the last step of the Hours Timecard Approval Flow no longer clears the Grossing Timecard's Codes panel values. 

  • Fixed an API issue causing Employee Positions coding to be cleared. Employee Positions updated via API no longer clear pre-existing coding. If a coding field is not specified in the new API request, the field will remain as it exists instead of being cleared. 

General Updates

  • Updated styling of In-App Surveys. We have updated the styling for in-app surveys, to be more in line with our brand. 

  • [Mobile] Implement horizontal scroll for panel actions. All these actions are now in a single line. Horizontal scrolling was implemented, so that the user can access all of the actions in case some of them are not visible. Before, we were stacking these actions in multiple lines, consuming a lot of real estate on the page. 

  • Updated icons in the password confirmation area. This simple, visual change brings the icons that show the password confirmation section with what we have in the rest of our application. 

  • Enhanced contrast and color in all primary buttons. We've enhanced the compression and visualization of information within the bottom action bar, by updating the color of all primary buttons. This will make the buttons stand out from other elements, as well as make them more visually appealing.

  • Standardized the color of the filter icon. In some grids, we were showing a blue icon for the filters, whereas in other grids we were showing a gray one. This change has standardized all icons to be gray, 

  • Fixed the misalignment of the tooltip's content. When hovering over a tooltip, the content it displays was not aligned with the tooltip. We have fixed it so that it is aligned.

  • Fixed an issue in the change password screen, when the password has expired and MFA is enabled. In the change password screen, for users with an expired password, after the user successfully entered the MFA passcode, the app was showing an incorrect email or password error message. We've updated this so that, after successfully entering the passcode, the user is logged in to the app.