Deployment v91.0 05/15/2023

Release Highlights:


  • All voided transactions and check numbers now include a "V." 
  • The Bill Payments “Check Register” report now only includes selected bill payments. 
  • The “Approve And Commit” action for Purchase Orders now only appears in the final approval step.
  • GreenSlate invoice numbers now match the invoice numbers in Wells Fargo ACH payment files.
  • The PO Status Panel/Filter is now available to generate the "Detail by PO# with Summary and Details" report.
  • The "Vendor" filter now works correctly in the Accounting Reports modal. 
  • The Committed Filter was added to the Detail Trial Balance report type in Accounting Reports.



  • Timecards for employees who hold multiple positions and rate types can now be split.
  • Timecard warnings now refresh every time a timecard is saved to only show applicable warnings. 
  • “Studio Utility Employees Local 724” is now included in the Payroll Detail Report union dropdown.
  • Users with a 2019 W-4 record that are merged with another user are now prompted to fill out a 2020 W-4 when starting a new project.
  • Users who choose "Exempt" on a tax withholding form can no longer claim additional withholdings.
  • The sub-account code now defaults properly for Other Earnings on timecards.
  • The "Regular Payday" field on the California state form PDF preview now populates using the project setting's “Pay Day” field.
  • When copying data from a timecard, the YTD column now shows the amounts displayed on the original timecard.
  • Employees may now submit timecards with a Michigan work location.

General App Updates

  • PDFs may now be generated with file names that contain special characters.
  • The “Custom Views” dropdown width is now responsive, which makes all dropdown options consistently visible and legible.