Deployment v90.0 04/10/2023

Release Highlights:

  • Quickly find in-app step-by-step tutorials and how-to articles in our walkthrough menu. 
  • Work faster with “Expand All” and “Collapse All” options in our redesigned left menu navigation. Learn more here.
  • Seamlessly collect labor law start work forms for District of Columbia, New York, and California employees. The labor law forms for these locations are integrated in the start work process. 
  • Easily download and upload payment files for Bank of America ACH payments - no printing of AP checks required. ACH is also available for City National Bank, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan. Learn more here.


  • Updated the notes component in the start work packet to only show notes in the project where they were created.
  • Updated the loan out packets grid so that duplicate packets no longer appear.
  • Updated the digital timecard panel so that values in the Total column of the Totals panel now always round to either 2 or 4 decimals, depending on the information contained in the rest of the timecard.
  • Updated the digital timecard rest violation component so that when a rest violation is cleared, the value is now set to 0 instead of null. This prevents a validation error when the timecard is submitted.
  • Updated the custom form naming logic so that custom forms can now be named using the same string as a deleted custom form.
  • Updated the “Expired Documents” view on the employee positions grid to filter documents properly.
  • Added a confirmation step to the start form's “Delete” option on the Start Work Packet page. Users who select “Delete” are now prompted to confirm.


  • Updated the payee name field to show both the first name and last name after an employee is added as a vendor. 
  • Updated the Production Dashboard to show all active projects as active projects, regardless of the size of the budget.
  • Updated the Chart of Accounts to only show amended POs when they’re committed. 
  • Fixed a bill payments bug that caused errors when group numbers were changed. 
  • Fixed a post payroll bug for $0 batches. Users can now post batches with $0 lines or lines that cancel out each other, making the complete batch $0. After posting these batches, the corresponding payroll transactions will be created.

Client Solutions:

  • Fixed a digital timecard bug in the YTD column. Other earnings that default from a start form to a timecard now show the correct value in the YTD column.
  • Added a 'Re-send remittance Email to Vendor(s)' Bill Payments option. 
  • Updated the City National Bank and JP Morgan ACH files to reflect the number of lines from the Bill Payment preview panel in the Bill Payments form.
  • Added a reset button to the Paramount Studio download integration so that users can now clear the data and stay on the same page. 
  • Updated the Netflix cost report so that the Fixed Location Codes appear in the corresponding column when a filter is used and the report is generated.

Other Updates:

  • Updated the Notification Center so that tiles now display the transaction number to easily match the items displayed in the grids. 
  • Updated the Division drop-down to display the root division as the first choice so it’s easier for users to find it.
  • Updated the left navigation search bar so that users are now able to copy and paste text.
  • Updated the left navigation so that configuration preferences are now saved in the browser, even if the session expires or is closed. 
  • Added a notification to the “Send Reminder” action to confirm that the request was successful.
  • Added space between the overlapping tooltips in the ‘Invite User’ page and between the Admin names on the Divisions to make them more readable.